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New Update for Nintendo Switch Players!

New Update for Nintendo Switch Players!

The latest Nintendo Switch patch for Dying Light brings a number of tweaks, updates, and new features!

Alongside addressing various other bugs that were spoiling your fun, we took a closer look at the crashes and black screens some of you were experiencing while exploring Harran. This (and many other things) should no longer be an issue, and now you can focus entirely on slaughtering zombies!

We also optimized performance and the HD Rumble feature, so now, when you enter Harran, you may notice that your game runs smoother and your Joy-Cons have an improved reaction to what’s happening on the screen for an even more immersion!

Don’t forget to check on the Hellraid dungeon, as it’s just gotten an update too! Reworked armory, improved balancing, new bounties, and more are waiting for you!

And while you’re parkouring through Harran, don’t miss the Tolga & Fatin event happening now! The twins have a special request and… a very special reward! Make sure you pay them a visit and help progress their research! Want to know the details? Go to LINK

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